About the Palais Kraft

Palais Kraft South View

Zurich's most prestigious apartment building, the Palais Kraft was designed by architect Christoph Schweinfurth and built 1994-1997 in the neo-classic style. From the beginning its unique atmosphere attracted the rich, the fashionable and the creative. Through the years it has seen its share of aristocrats, billionaires, artists, company presidents, CEO's and CFO's and many more who enjoy to live and entertain graciously. On average the Palais Kraft community comprises 10-15 nationalities. Many children have been born in the Palais Kraft and, sadly, some people have passed away.

Richard Wagner's Grand Piano

Richard Wagner's Erard piano in the Richard-Wagner-Museum in Tribschen, Lucerne

Richard Wagner owned an Erard grand piano which today can be seen in his work room in the Richard Wagner Museum in Tribschen, Lucerne (about 500m from Lucerne main train station).

What was good enough for Richard Wagner (and Beethoven, Berlioz, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Ravel and Verdi) is good enough for us! We are lucky to have a similar Erard grand piano at Palais Kraft for our recitals. Please join us on Saturday at 16:00!

Fillmore Apartment

Submitted by martinfrank on Thu, 05/04/2017 - 11:16
Picture by Gerhard Richter in the Fillmore Apartment

We just finished furnishing the Fillmore Apartment, an elegant two-bedroom penthouse with great views and a large terrace. The apartment is already rented for the next twelve months.

For this apartment we chose mainly modern pictures from the Palais Kraft collection, among them this beautiful Gerhard Richter "1025 Colors" print.