Erard Grand Piano 1926

Erard Grand Piano from 1926

The Palais Kraft is happy to announce the acquisition of an Erard Grand Piano built 1926. It is the type of concert piano Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, Clara Schumann, Sigismond Thalberg were playing. In an Erard grand piano the strings run parallel. Modern grand pianos are overstrung, which means that the bass strings cross other strings obliquely. This difference is noticeable in the clarity and timbre of the tones.

The piano has been restaured with love by Guy Fragnière. We will use it for Saturday afternoon recitals of classical piano music. Since this is a historical piano it is not for casual guest use (except if you are another Natalia Strelchenko).

If you would like to stay in an apartment with a grand piano, kindly consider the Madison Apartment which comes with a Petrof grand piano. If you let us know one week before, we will get that piano tuned for you. If you would like to play the Erard Grand Piano, please contact Martin Frank at Palais Kraft.

Here are a few minutes of a recital by Siwat Chuencharoen on 29 April 2017 as sample of the sound after the first tuning by Scheu Piano Service.