Palais Kraft Factsheet

Zurich's most prestigious residential building, the Palais Kraft, was designed by architect Christoph Schweinfurth, and built 1994-1997. The Palais Kraft contains elegant apartments with high ceilings and functional fireplaces, luxurious penthouses, comfortable guest rooms and two leading clinics, alphaclinic (for ostheoarthris, sports injuries, meniscus, ligament and cartilage lesions, static disorders and rehabilitation) and the high-class White House Center for Liposuction. The friendly Palais Kraft Hospitality Team is taking care of residents and guests. All staff speak English. We can provide assistants and drivers who speak Russian. There is a competition sized Squash Court on Level 2 of the Palais Kraft main building. The Palais Kraft is privately owned. There are no units for sale.

Building Administrators
Desoto Moveis AG>
Inquiries, Billing and Accounting +41 44 383 77 49
Fax +41 44 383 23 48

Serviced Apartments
The Roosevelt Apartment (Main Building, Level 5): 200sqm, three bedrooms (king, queen, queen), two bathrooms plus guest toilet and laundry room, large living room, separate dining area, kitchen, modern furniture, antique pictures, large terrace. The Roosevelt Apartment is particularly child-friendly and child-safe. Extra rooms for nannies are available, see below "Guest Rooms".

The Van Buren Apartment (Main Building, Level 6): 120sqm, two bedrooms (queen, queen) with attached bathrooms, hall, large living/dining room with fireplace and balcony, kitchen, guest toilet, antique furniture and pictures, high ceilings.

The Madison Apartment (Main Building, Level 5): 120sqm, two bedrooms (queen, queen + single), one attached bathroom, one separate bathroom, hall, large living/dining room with fireplace and balcony, kitchen, antique furniture and pictures, grand piano.

The Washington Apartment (Annex Building, Level 4): 95sqm, one bedroom (queen) with attached bathroom, living/dining room with fireplace and balcony, kitchen, hall, guest toilet, modern furniture.

Serviced Apartments come complete with bedlinen, towels, amenities, kitchen plates, cutlery, pots, coffee maker, freezer or food center, washing machine and dryer. Palais Kraft Hospitality staff will take care of your household chores including breakfast. We charge services and linen according to usage.

Free WiFi, free parking, free use of the Palais Kraft Squash Court.

Guest Rooms
The Hoover Room (Main Building Level 4): 33sqm, king size bed, kitchenette, bathroom (tub), terrace, store room.

The Coolidge Room (Main Building Level 4): 29sqm, king size bed, kitchenette, bathroom (shower), terrace.

The Wilson Room (Main Building Level 4): 43sqm, king size bed, kitchenette, bathroom (tub), terrace, store room with washer and dryer.

The Guest Rooms are regular hotel rooms. Palais Kraft Hospitality staff serves breakfast.

Guest Rooms and Serviced Apartments
EMA House
Front Desk, Inquiries and Reservation +41 44 368 36 68
Resident Manager at Palais Kraft +41 44 388 84 85 (Alex)
EMA House office fax +41 44 368 36 36
Palais Kraft fax for guests +41 44 388 84 86
Mail address
Website EMA House

The Palais Kraft is located at Toblerplatz, in the heart of Zurich's prime residential area Zurichberg, 2km from CBD and Zurich's historical Old Town, about 10km from Zurich International Airport. Public trams and buses connect Toblerplatz to Zurich's Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and Zurich's elegant Bahnhofstrasse shopping avenue, the Bellevue Lake Zurich area with it's boats and promenades, and the fashionable Seefeld quarter with its restaurants and lakeside park.

The Zurichberg area is safe and healthy. At Toblerplatz (less than 150m from Palais Kraft) there are two supermarkets, a drugstore, paperstore, post office with ATM and other shops. Within a 300m radius there are coffee shops, restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries, hair dressers and many more shops.

Extensive safe forests with walking paths and jogging circuits are less than 1000m from Palais Kraft. The large, modern Zurich Zoo is 1500m from Palais Kraft. Children love the zoo!

The Zurich University Hospital with its famous Frauenklinik Women's Hospital is a mere 1000m from Palais Kraft. The Private Clinic Bethanien is 350m away. The Zurich University Hospital has a 24/7 emergency ward. The Hirslanden Clinic main building is 4.3km from Palais Kraft. The world-famous Zurich "Kinderspital" University Children's Clinic is 1000m from Palais Kraft.

Zurich University Clinic
Zurich University Women's Clinic
Zurich University Children's Clinic
Hirslanden private clinics

Often patients and their families stay at Palais Kraft during treatments or while giving birth at one of these famous clinics. The Zurich University Hospital has a 24/7 Emergency Station 750m from Palais Kraft. Zurich has a reliable public ambulance service and emergency medical services for home consultations. Hospital, doctor and ambulance fees are set by government agencies.

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Palais Kraft
Kraftstrasse 33
8044 Zurich

Palais Kraft is a non-discriminating employer and welcomes guest from all countries of the world. Please inform us if you need vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher or special diet food for breakfast.

Your children and your pets are welcome too!